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Introducing VERT…
VERT is a device worn near the waist of an athlete either by the VERT training clip or integrated within an article of clothing such as the VERT active waistband.  VERT measures your jump and transmits the data to a smart phone or tablet. You can see all jump measurements immediately on the VERT device and simultaneously on a smart phone or tablet with the downloadable VERT app or VERT coach app. What was traditionally available with special stationary equipment to determine jump measurement, can now be done anywhere, anytime in real-time.

VERT unit in hand. Measurements: length 1.96” x width 0.31” x height 0.86”

Designed to be small and discreet, the VERT device is worn by an athlete and allows the user to know his or her vertical measurement right on the device via OLED, or wirelessly in real-time from the sideline via a smart phone or tablet.

VERT app displaying highest vert of 27.3”, 28 total jumps and last VERT of 14.9” on smart phone.
Athletes (and their friends, family, etc.) can challenge, compete, compare and share their performance with the VERT “props” feature.

Why should athletes have all the fun? Spectators can follow an athlete’s performance as it happens on their smart device. Coaches can monitor the athlete’s performance, fans can follow their favorite players and parents can better enjoy their kids’ games…it’s fun for everyone!

VERT coach app player management system on smart tablet. Multiple player data analysis including: Amount of jumps, average jumps, time in game, last vert and highest vert. Volley VERT coach app also has player analysis tab including game graphics, season analysis tab, top 10 team rank tab, and coach note tab.  If you are a coach or a club owner, for more information on our player management app & system, please contact us at

We are planning on releasing free updates and different modes for all vertical jump sports. VERT 1.0 is for any activity that involves jumping like basketball, volleyball or your personal training. Additional modes on the app will be released such as jump rope, skateboard, BMX and cycle sports, football, track & field, etc. If you want to know how high or how often you jumped – the VERT device will tell you in an instant. Skateboarders will know their VERT on a ramp and freestyle BMX athletes will know their VERT on a bunny hop. Whether the athlete’s objective is better fitness or performance, VERT’s feedback will have a more accurate measurement that was not previously available for individual use.

VERTis a wearable miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU), with a very high precision 3X gyroscope and high precision high rate 3X accelerometer. VERT unit calculates motion using a built-in ARM Cortex M3. The VERT unit has a proprietary algorithm that has over 53 simultaneous calculations to measure vertical height. VERT has a built-in OLED display for instant display. VERT also has built-in Bluetooth 4.0, which communicates with proprietary VERT app in iOS supported products. VERT app syncs with VERT and displays results in real-time. 


• iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad)

• We will be rolling out an Android app and support in the near future.

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